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Booze-fuelled photos reveal chaotic side of drinkers on Swansea's Wind Street

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: January 02, 2013

  • Partygoers in the aftermath of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Wind Street Swansea

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SCENES of drunken revellers on Swansea's Wind Street have sparked calls for the city to clean up its act.

The images of dishevelled partygoers stealing a plant, caught in drunken clinches in doorways and staggering around the city street, have led to concerns over escalating antisocial behaviour.

The photographs can be viewed on several popular national websites.

People across the UK have commented on them.

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One said those pictured were taking the "great" out of Great Britain.

One bar owner says Wind Street is now only an attraction for those aged 18 to 25. He says licensing hours urgently need to be looked at.

Former city centre ambassador Richard Lewis said he believed drinks promotions were adding to the problems. He said: "It's behaviour that's not acceptable — there's no excuse.

"A lot of people will be intimidated by this antisocial behaviour.

"One has to look at Swansea City being in the Premier Division and people in Holland and South Korea are following the club — it's a huge achievement for Wales.

"These images then raise questions that it's a Wild West town."

He added: "I feel the drinking these days is to excess and the hospitals have to deal with these problems.

"I would shorten the opening hours.

"When you go down to The Kingsway there are special offers — it's like a supermarket offering three chickens for the price of two.

"Personally, I think the licensing laws need to take a far tougher stand."

He said he believed the situation in Wind Street was drawing the police away from different areas, including Gower, over the weekend posing problems elsewhere.

"Swansea is worse off with Wind Street, particularly on a Friday and Saturday along with the bank holiday," he added.

"All the policing is in the town and they have a terrible problem."

Ian Feeney-King, owner of the Cross Keys in St Mary's Street, Swansea, said problems with antisocial behaviour was driving some people away from Wind Street.

He said: "It's worse in the sense that there's more of an aggressive atmosphere.

"You have young people whose idea of a good time is an older generation's view of anti-social behaviour.

"Late licensing does not help. My own personal view is that premises should be pubs or clubs."

He added: "People are pre-fuelling on cheap supermarket booze and you get an influx of people in the city centre getting drunk."

Mr Feeney-King said changes to the smoking legislation had led more people to pour out on to the streets to light up which made crowds of people harder to control.

"Some of the biggest problems are people urinating everywhere because people just don't care," he added.

The images have been released on different websites. Visitors have commented that the revellers were showing "disgusting behaviour".

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  • Spideyjonesy  |  February 22 2013, 1:42PM

    FOR Godness sake were none of you ever young? these kids are no worse than any other generation, give em a break. I'm in my 70's and I am never scared walking into wind street, Ill have a chat with the youngsters and I get on great with them. Thank god I wasn't in the forces with you softies we'd never have won any wars

    |   -1
  • abertawejack  |  January 12 2013, 11:35AM

    It tickles me how Swansea is used as a for instance,when portraying anything outlandish by certain media. We have BBC Cardiff (oops my profound apologies here) I mean't BBC Wales; promoting Swansea as the drug capital of Wales, yet they interviewed the same few homeless, on two occasions whilst making sure it was night time and of course raining. I've yet to see BBC Card....Wales, show any respect towards Swansea City or for that matter Swansea City Premier League Football Club, in a true light. Whenever there is something to discuss about our team, they move swiftly to Cardiff's championship club, even when there's nothing much to say. Their just bias to extreme, as you will obviously see uppermost when/if Cardiff joins us in the PM next year. The Evening post is West Wales local media, the amount of pages it gives with amount it charges, does not make it viable as in Value for money, costings must surely affect it's future distribution, keep these cheap shot's at Swansea City up, then we'll see how long you last. sensationalism reporting just to sell papers warrants negative future sales. Swansea City is no different to other seaside Cities, as regards to overly indulged drinkers.

    |   3
  • richie2803  |  January 02 2013, 10:45PM

    I enjoy a drink as much as anyone else, and would never begrudge anybody having a good time. Unfortunately today's 20 somethings have no self respect, have the morals of an ally cat but more importantly, no self control. Half these 'people' would not look out of place on the Jeremy Kyle show. I wonder what their parents are like?

    |   19
  • the_busdriver  |  January 02 2013, 10:44PM

    Nice to see the younger generation enjoying themselves, instead of listening to grumpy over 40's of Swansea whinging and whining just because they have forgotten how to have a bit of fun.

    |   -9
  • Soothsayer27  |  January 02 2013, 8:07PM

    We're all guilty of one too many drinks at some stage in our lives. The problem is, is that youngsters don't seem to realise that they've had one too many and keep drinking! This turns them into raving idiots which in turn causes problems for others who are genuinely out to have a few drinks and a nice time. These idiots need to get tougher penalties, perhaps ban them from any establishment that sells alcohol for a minimum of 5 years! The powers that be need to realise that there's going to be a problem when alcohol is cheaper than soft drinks/water. Society needs a big wake up call, we shouldn't have to put up with a few idiots spoiling things for many. When will government realise they need to get tougher with these people!!!

    |   14
  • BobDavies2  |  January 02 2013, 7:38PM

    This has become the new high, drink yourself into oblivion and its incredible how people collapse on the road, and other revellers just step over you. Looking at the photograph of this "party animal", apart from lying on the floor partly dressed and oblivious to your surroundings, she could have ended the night with a fractured skull, blood clotting on the brain etc, a night out being totally stupid can ruin the rest of your life, your fun loving friends would soon disappear and become being left very lonely. Drinking goes hand in hand with responsibility.

    |   14
  • williamwaun  |  January 02 2013, 5:57PM

    The main thing is they had a good night out. Who would want to go around taking photos of people enjoying themselves, sad people about get a life.

    |   -11
  • andrew_tait  |  January 02 2013, 5:01PM

    alcohol should only be available for purchase by way of a pre-paid card. this would encourage people to stick to a budget when they go out and help prevent people becoming dependent by tracking their usage. drunkenness wastes far too much of our tax money and needs to be addressed. wind street gets more ridiculous year by year, it's great that there's all this new money in the town, but swansea deserves a much better reputation as a city than the one it's gaining through the media through the revelers who chose to drink here. everytime i go there someone is fighting.

    |   -4
  • martyn47  |  January 02 2013, 3:36PM

    Water cannons...

    |   9
  • gorseboy  |  January 02 2013, 3:03PM

    Glad to see the SWEP didn't hide the faces of these silly,silly people. Is there a problem? Some say Yes,others it is just young folk letting their hair down.O.K. the older generation blame the young for their behaviour and are accused of forgetting that they were young once upon a time. As a member of this older generation who can still remember what he did in his youth,we did not get so P***** as to lie in the gutter,incapable of movement. Landlords upheld the law,if you appeared drunk then you were not served and asked to leave the premises.I do believe the law for refusing to serve a person already drunk still stands. I am not a killjoy and like to see people "enjoy" themselves but why do they have to make fools of themselves and often their families?Some parent is looking at these photos of their daughter and wondering where they went wrong. Some ask what can be done? Simple really,if a group of people turn up at the door apparently under the influence,Refuse them entry.

    |   25