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Alleged Sky scam caller says she was told to get as much money as possible from customers

By SWEPRMosalski  |  Posted: December 05, 2013

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ONE of the sales staff from a firm allegedly involved in a cold-calling scam said she was told to get as much money from customers as possible.

Barbara Swain, aged 59, of Woodford Road in Blaenymaes, was the fourth defendant to give evidence at the trial of people allegedly involved in misleading people into buying Sky TV service policies.

She and Darren Smith, aged 33, of Clos Camlas, Morriston, his brother Christopher, aged 35, of Llys y Bryn in Birchgrove and Neville Watkins, aged 36, of Glanmor Road in Uplands, all deny conspiracy to defraud.

The Smith's father, Richard Smith, has been discharged from the trial after becoming ill.

Swain said she had been told by Paul Delamare - who has admitted his part in the fraud - to get as much money as possible when selling even not offering a supposed loyalty bonus to customers.

Swain told the jury at Swansea Crown Court: “He said if you can get £89.99, get it, if you can get £79 try to. Get the most you could. I didn’t agree with that, I thought they should have their discount,” she said.

She was recorded telling a consumer if their Sky box broke, it would be replaced with a “brand new” box but during the trial, the jury have heard the boxes were bought from market stalls.

“I always thought it was a brand new box, right until Darren Smith said it was second hand,” she said.

She was also quizzed about telling people they were “on my system” when she was reading from a sheet of paper.

Swain said: “I had to make the customer feel comfortable to get them to trust me and that was it,” she told the jury, in the ongoing trial.

In cross-examination, Swain was asked by Peter Rouch QC: “If anyone knew what was going on it’s got to be you.”

She replied: “What’s come out at this trial has really shocked me to the core”.

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