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Accused's DNA found at scene of Swansea ram-raid

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: November 21, 2012

Swansea Crown Court

DNA from a man accused of ram-raiding two Swansea stores was found at one of the crime scenes, a jury has been told.

It is alleged Robert Reynolds was involved in a ram-raid at the Comet store in Nantyffin Road and another hours later at Staples in Parc Tawe.

Reynolds, 27, of Carmarthen Road, Fforestfach, is also accused of being involved in the theft of three vehicles from a car compound at Ferryboat Close, Swansea, where a Daewoo, a Ford Fiesta and a Hyundai car were all taken.

It is alleged two unknown people were also involved in removing those cars at 5pm on April 29.

The Comet store, which was closed and had its doors and shutters locked, was targeted at 10.45pm the same night.

The prosecution allege at least two of the cars were reversed into the brick wall at the rear of the store, leaving a small hole in the wall.

It is alleged at least one person went into the store through the hole and, although stock had been moved, nothing had been removed and the group had left by 11.05pm.

Police later recovered a torn blue latex glove from Comet which prosecutor Patrick Griffiths said had been "carelessly left" behind. A forensic expert told the jury at Swansea Crown Court DNA was found inside the glove which was matched to Reynolds.


A hammer was also found inside the store by police officers.

The prosecution allege that after the break-in at Comet, the group went to Peter's Terrace, Waun Wen and tried to steal another car, a Rover, but were disturbed and again left empty handed.

At 12.25am a car was driven into the metal shutters at Staples in Parc Tawe and the door was forced open.

Items of stock were lined up by the door, but again, nothing was taken.

Mr Griffiths said the offenders "lost their nerve" and drove the Daewoo car away, empty-handed.

Reynolds has admitted a charge of driving dangerously after being found in charge of the Daewoo at 3.15am, and taking a vehicle without consent.

The Daewoo car was seen, complete with at least two other people, by an officer in the Uplands area before being pursued by other officers.

It was driven dangerously through the city, going round roundabouts the wrong way, driving on the wrong side of the road and eventually losing control in Nantong Way and ended up in a ditch.

Reynolds denies two counts of burglary.

Charges against two formerly co-accused men, Craig Cullen, 27, of Townhill Road, Mayhill, and Carl Thomas, 36, of Mansel Road, Bonymaen, have now been dropped.

The trial continues.

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