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4 jobs we really wouldn’t mind a robot doing

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: May 06, 2014

We've all seen the films, but how could we really make use of robots?

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A new survey has found that one in three people in Britain are worried that the rise of machines will threaten the human race.

More than 10% of the 2000 people questioned by One Poll also said they expect to see RoboCop policemen patrolling the streets within ten years’ time, while another third believe that they are at risk of losing their jobs to a robot.

But what about the jobs we don’t want to do? While some worry sentient androids will take over the world, there are actually a lot of reasons to welcome our new robot friends. In theory, they could take over all those boring, disgusting or avoidable tasks that we just hate doing.

Taking the bins out

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You know the drill: you’re all snuggled up in bed, just drifting off to sleep when it hits you – it’s bin day tomorrow. Up you get, dragging your tired feet down the stairs, out into the cold and to the end of the driveway. Now imagine if you had a robot friend to sort that out for you. No more running around the back in your pyjamas, it would all be pre-programmed and you could stay in cosy heaven.

Finding keys/TV remotes/your other sock

It’s obviously not impossible to find lost keys or TV remotes (socks are another matter entirely) but it can be completely and utterly infuriating. Sure, you can get a keyring which locates itself when you clap or whistle, but what if the battery runs out or it can’t hear you - or you're just a bit too lazy to attach it? With some kind of GPS-enabled robot to tear the cushions off the sofa, you will never have to be late for work - or get off the sofa to change the channel - again.

Taking the car to a garage

It won’t be long before you don’t have to waste any more time reading old magazines and drinking bad coffee, because autonomous cars could be on the roads as soon as 2016. The technology embedded in self-driving cars will, in theory, save humans thousands of hours: no longer will we have to wait in traffic, find a parking space or even take our cars to get serviced, they will do all these mundane tasks without a driver behind the wheel.

Making sure there is always enough milk in the house

We’ve all done it – made a lovely cup of tea, opened the fridge and discovered the disaster that awaits us inside. Off we go to the local shop, doing an impatient jogging walk, only for that delicious looking cuppa to be cold and over-brewed by the time we make it back to the kitchen. If there was some kind of wonderful kitchen assistant on hand to make sure there was always enough milk – and, let’s face it, chocolate biccies – in the house, we would never be left disappointed again.

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