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More than 1million Welsh workers will pay less tax

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: December 21, 2012

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WELSH Conservatives say 1.1 million workers will benefit from the UK Government's income tax changes.

And more than 57,000 in Wales will stop paying the tax completely.

Andrew RT Davies, leader of the opposition in the Senedd said, "These figures demonstrate how Conservatives in Government are taking tough decisions to ensure work pays and ending Labour's 'something for nothing' culture.

"Conservatives are raising personal allowances to put more money in people's pockets."

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  • weslangdon  |  February 06 2013, 2:36PM

    boom and bust was a feature of Heath's, Thatcher's and Major's Governments, some people have short memories.

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  • godisalie  |  December 24 2012, 12:42AM

    No, that should say "Emanate".

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  • KP287  |  December 23 2012, 6:31PM

    That should say "emanantes"

  • KP287  |  December 23 2012, 6:30PM

    You don`t need to disect or analyse anything a politician says`, because it is all lies. They don`t know how to tell the truth, I don`t believe anything that eminents from their mouths.

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  • gengis  |  December 23 2012, 5:24PM

    What a complete load of rubbish. I am a low earner (just over the MNW) and I KNOW I'll be worse off. This government have no interest in helping the "working class" (whatever that antiquated phase means) or the low salary earners. They need to increase the working tax threshold for a start before spouting lies and false statistics. williamwaun: "Great news for the working class. Keep Conservatives in and we will see a stable country." Oh dear... Tell me, Where does one buy those rose-tinted lenses? We might have a more stable country when Gideon and David's heads are stuck on poles outside London Bridge

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  • PJL1967  |  December 23 2012, 4:56PM

    Who are they trying to kid? How many people will get less Housing Benefit or other in-work benefits such as Working Tax Credits as a direct result in the increase in personal allowances, therefore making them no better off? And how many will be just over the threshold to claim any in-work benefits, therefore making them worse off? The increase in personal allowances for the lower paid was not to put more money in their pockets, it was obviously an attempt to try and justify the income tax cuts for the wealthy.

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  • Kaiser_Macsen  |  December 23 2012, 2:38PM

    During the so-called boom years the Tories, if they were in power, would have probably borrowed money in order to buy toxic CDOs and given Bernie Madoff an Honorary Knighthood. Anyone thinking otherwise needs only to look at what they're doing presently.

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  • GorsseinonJoe  |  December 23 2012, 11:12AM

    While central government gives, the Labour government in Wales takes away. Council tax will rise in Wales because the Welsh government refuses to pass on the council tax freeze given to English and Scottish nationals. The money held back by Labour in Cardiff is equivalent to the Winter Heating Allowance, the poorest in Wales are now hundreds of pounds worst off because the WAG has refused to freeze Council Tax for the third year. We will hear in the weeks coming that "it's all the fault of central government", hogwash all the way. talk about getting more off the rich all you want, but refusing to help those that need it most is worse, far worse. Happy New Year.

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  • williamwaun  |  December 23 2012, 8:01AM

    Great news for the working class. Keep Conservatives in and we will see a stable country. Vote Labour and get BOOM & BUST. I'm much better off under this Government, keep up the good work.

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  • thomastdout  |  December 22 2012, 7:20PM

    What is the matter with you commies afraid to comment on the truth.

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