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13 weird things that really happened in Swansea

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: June 12, 2014

Cage fighters Daniel 'Lion Heart' Lurwell (black wig) & James 'Lights Out' Lilley (pink wig) who fought back after yobs attacked them while they were in drag for a stag night in Swansea.

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AFTER the news this week that Swansea could get a robo-traffic warden (sort of - click here to find out more) and the amazing story of the dog-tags found in a Swansea garden and reunited with the daughter of their American owner (click here to find out more) we thought we'd remind you of our collection of odd goings-on in the city.

Swansea has a history of weird goings-on.

And here are some of them - all of which (bar one) happened in Swansea.

Chicken bone causes 4-car pile-up.

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Aforementioned chicken bone was thrown by a man at his friends in the Carmarthen Road area of Swansea, causing an unmarked police car to make an emergency stop. The cars behind braked and four were badly damaged, although the police car was unscathed. The man who threw the chicken bone was taken to court at which the judge was heard to say: "It is the most bizarre case I think I have ever come across or heard about. To say it is unusual is an understatement.”

Man stuck in a hole

It’s an old one, but we just can’t resist reminding everyone of it. We are still mystified as to just how he managed to fall in.

WARNING: video contains bad language:

The bridge that doesn’t go anywhere

Only in Swansea would a bridge be removed, but the abutments which held it up be left behind. The Slip Bridge near St Helen’s was only taken down for repairs, but it was never returned and ended up being a bridge between two bits of already connected prom path, where there was absolutely no need whatsoever for a bridge. Built in 1915, the iron bridge originally provided pedestrian access not just over Oystermouth Road but also the Mumbles Railway and main Swansea to Shrewsbury train tracks. It was removed in March 2004.

“What do you want for your birthday Mütter?” “I’d like to go to Swansea and garden.”

Susanne Supper from Frankfurt, Germany, stunned her family and friends when she asked to visit Swansea to do a spot of gardening. But it still happened. She headed to the Clyne Valley garden of Carrie Thomas - an expert in the cultivation of aquilegias or granny’s bonnets as they are sometimes known - and had a great time getting her fingers green. “Everyone was astonished when I told them; I did wonder myself where the idea came from,” said Frau Supper. Well, you would wonder, wouldn’t you?

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The mystery of the juice-stealing beaver

A thief dressed as a giant beaver ran off from Oceana after what was unlikely to go down as the crime of the century - he stole a bottle of cordial worth 60p. The theft was was dubbed ‘Grand Theft Ribena’ by staff at the club.

Read more here.

Mysterious dancer on Swansea prom

He came, he saw, he danced, in an unusual manner on Swansea seafront. No-one knows why, apart from him, we would presume.

Read more here.

Drivers takes ages trying to get out of tight spot - then tries to go back in again - why?

Whether they ended up jammed in with barely a cricket bat’s width between their car and those either end, or succeeded in parking in such a tight spot in the first place is a mystery. Either way, no sooner had they got out, which took a long time, than they were back trying to get in again. Weird.

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Couple steal practically everything from hotel room.

Said couple went to Morgan’s Hotel in Swansea to celebrate a birthday. Clearly though, the presents weren’t enough, as they tried to leave with the television, linen, minibar contents, telephone and even the pictures from the wall, all (bar the tv) in one very large bag.

One Chelsea player, one ball-boy, one red card

Swansea was bound to be able to lay claim to one of the strangest incidents in football. When ballboy Charlie Morgan got the ball near the end of Swansea City’s Capital One Cup Final semi-final second leg against Chelsea at the Liberty Stadium, he didn’t seem keen to give it back. So Chelsea’s Eden Hazard tried to take it back, by force according to the referee, who promptly sent him off.

Woman gets trapped in pool table

Does exactly what it says on the tin this one, except it was never revealed exactly how she was trapped, and by what? It also happened in Llanelli, so doesn’t really count, but we thought we’d include it anyway, just to show weirdness does happen elsewhere too.

The man who wanted to be a policeman

He wore a stab vest, carried handcuffs and escorted young children home, a court heard. But he wasn’t a policeman, or even a PCSO. When police searched his house they found a haul of police-related items including body armour, a utility belt, police-issue cotton shirt, fluorescent jackets, handcuffs and a holder for a baton. Clearly watched too many episodes of The Bill.

The tree slasher

Mayals councillor Linda Tyler-Lloyd (pictured below) delivered leaflets to homes in the area to help catch the culprit responsible for damaging trees in Clyne Gardens.

No, it’s not some cheap b-movie. It’s the true story of the person or persons who seemed to think it was a good idea to slash trees on and around Swansea prom. There seemed no rhyme or reason, apart from in the hope, perhaps, of being included eventually on a list of the bizarre, like this one.

Turkey makes a run for it.

One turkey wasn’t taking any chances, even in May. For in that month, she made a run for it from wherever she lived and ended up on the streets of Killay. But her freedom lasted 12 hours only. She was taken in by a couple and ended up being cared for at a bird rescue centre which, in a twist of fate, had recently taken in a runaway male turkey. Was this all planned after all then - lovers together at last. We like to think so.

Cross-dressers flatten hooligan

Cage fighters Daniel 'Lion Heart' Lurwell (black wig) & James 'Lights Out' Lilley (pink wig) who fought back after yobs attacked them while they were in drag for a stag night in Swansea.

When an unruly couple of gentleman who had spent their evening generally making a nuisance of themselves in Swansea city centre saw a couple of men dressed as women, they looked quite confident. Unfortunately for them, the two ‘cross-dressers’ were cage fighters. It didn’t end well for the aforementioned unruly gentlemen, while the cross-dressers ended up on tv!”

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